RTD PT100 Thin Film Type Class A Temperature Sensors M

ring light, crocodile clip

Thermostat Wifi

Package size: Electrical male plug. Station meteo. Main-land , china. 0.1a - 400a. Temperature sensor: Pci 1394bMs8150b. Temperature milk. 0 - 40 degree. Approx. 73g. 20μa/200μa/2ma/20ma/200ma/10a ±. 

Tqfp144 Ic Socket

Wholesale surface. 3" (76mm). 1093a. Hm11883. Length: -31~400. Buzzer test: 1/4 " turn 5/8" adapter. Silicone / metal. Features6: 1-600x. 6db. -50degree to 850degree. Component tester. Nano shield ethernet. Hp-770d. Rduino uno. 

Wholesale Digital Kit Clock

Arduino case box. 0~10~50~500v. Ic holder. 21 * 13 * 6cm / 8.3 * 5.1 * 2.4in. Double-integral style a/d transform. Operating temperature: Ac:positive and negative (1.0%)/dc:positive and negative (0.5%). Stm8s003f3p6 module. Instrumentation. Microscope hd: 0.1c/0.1f. Jewelry making tools and equipment. Ms3302. 

Wholesale Data Voltage Logger

Mastech portable digital multimeter. Multimeter test. 1999 digits. Frsky micro. Resistance multimeter. 200mv-1000v (0.5%+/-1). Adm30. 200ua~10a. Pf9800 digital power meter. Car clock calendar. Measure range : Probe adaptatorTemperature ±1°c (1.8°f)/ humidity ± 5% rh. 60.00mv/600.0mv /6.000v,60.00v,600.0v. 

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