Paillettes Dark Green 8mm Round Flat Loose Sequins Crafts Wedding Decoration Sewing Clothing Accessories Lentejuelas Para Coser

heels crystal, trims sequin

Shirts Women

Flat dress shoe. Nail diamond sequins. Ab blue. 4mm flat. Leftside. Bikinis set. Christmas bells. Skirt type: Glitter cup. Shoes glitter green. Sequins 20mm. 16 different colors available. Ballroom. Bags,shoes,garment,nail art. Pink color. 

Accesories Garment

Sequin backpacksEmbroidery t   shirt. Shoes children leather girls. Nail powder art. Pendant necklaces. Beige shoes party. Patent leather hand bag. 10mm flat champagne gold color. 2.2*1.4cm of the size. Wedding confetti. 12mm round. Ab plating. Latin. 6mm of the width. Bracelets

Sequin Red

4mm flat ab mixed color. Lila and gray. Holes: Drop heartMulticolored flat shoes. Shape\pattern: Fabric name: Pink with golden light. Little girls christening dresses. Golden. 2*4 horse eyes. 

Blue 6mm

Laser green color. 2x3mm. One size. Butterfly. Lace: Xh226. Approx 30mm diamete. Women shoes wedding. 11 colors. About 100 / 250 piece. 4mm golden platting. 12mm flat transparent white. 25 mm. Cp0802. 

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